Artefacts to etchings: Peta Bridle on the Bishopsgate Goodsyard

MOLA team

Artist Peta Bridle approached our Head of Archive, Karen Thomas in January this year, looking to produce a series of etchings of everyday artefacts found within the Spitalfields area. Through her prints, Peta documents places and ways of life that are lost or have a sense of being out of time.

For her latest collection, Peta was interested in exploring objects that relate to the industry of the area. She wanted to record buildings and streets as they stand now, ahead of redevelopment. Leaving MOLA with a series of reference photographs from our collection of small finds, she produced the wonderful series of etchings below.

Archaeological finds from the Bishopsgate Goodsyard – from the left to right – bone spoon, bone button (top), ceramic wig curler (beneath), green glass phial(top),  green glass bottle (beneath), white ceramic spoon (top), pair of ceramic marbles and a child’s bone whistle.

Tiles from the Bishopsgate Goodsyard – eighteenth century tin-glazed delftware wall tiles.

Click on the images below to take a closer look at Peta's etching.

Peta first became interested in the archaeology of Bishopsgate Goodyard after attending a talk by one of our Senior Finds Specialist, Jacqui Pearce for the East End Preservation Society. These two prints form part of a set of seven, all connected with the theme ‘buildings under threat’ in the London area (mainly in the East End). The full set can be seen on the Spitalfields Life website.

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