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Gresham College has provided free public talks within the City of London for over 400 years. Founded in 1597 it is London’s oldest Higher Education Institution and its Professors and visiting speakers offer over 100 free public events every year.

Their recent 'Mondays at One' lecture series was based around the theme of London Archaeology, with the aim of demonstrating the extent and variety of the City's historic environment. Three of MOLA's staff members were invited to present on a range of fascinating topics.

Videos and transcripts of these talks are all now available online through the Gresham College website and are featured here.

These lectures include:

Sadie Watson, Project Officer responsible for MOLA's exciting excavations on the site of the new Bloomberg HQ presenting on "Pompeii of the North: Excavations at Bloomberg London and the Return of the Temple of Mithras"

Lyn Blackmore, one of MOLA's Senior Finds Specialists, speaking about the origins, development and decline of the Middle Saxon trading settlement of Lundenwic, London.

Nathalie Cohen, MOLA's Head of Community Archaeology and member of the Thames Discovery Programme speaking about the archaeology of the Greenwich foreshore.

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