Hackney Community College students help to record local built heritage

Hackney Community College students help to record local built heritage

MOLA team

Since March 2013, MOLA community archaeologist, Lauren Woodard, has been leading a project with students from Hackney Community College to help engage them with the built heritage of their local area.

This is a pilot initiative funded through an IfA bursary placement that aims to set the foundations for further community-led built heritage projects supported by MOLA.

Using the practical skills involved in buildings archaeology, the students have been getting to know Clapton Old Schoolhouse; a 19th century stone schoolhouse nestled on the riverbank at Lea Bridge.

The students, who are all adult English-language learners, were first introduced to buildings archaeology through a series of seminars and activity sessions led by MOLA buildings archaeologists. These were followed by recording sessions on site at the Old Schoolhouse, where the students conducted a standing buildings survey of the site, complete with scale drawings and photographs.

As well as learning about a new subject, the students have been able to develop their language skills through discussion and debate about the future of the Old Schoolhouse. This pilot project demonstrates the potential of buildings archaeology to engage with a diverse range of communities in a meaningful and relevant way. At the end of the project the work done by the students will be used to create a lasting record of the history of Old Clapton Schoolhouse.

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