Archaeological site outlines for Roman City of London sites

Smarter London: NLA exhibition

Nicola Kalimeris

Smarter London: How Digital Technologies Are Changing The City, a new exhibition from NLA, opened today. The exhibition explores how data, technology and analytics are changing the way we design, build and manage the city.

It uncovers a host of exciting smart projects taking place in London and examines the role of data in the development of a single building to large-scale city-wide infrastructure projects.

We are showcasing the MOLA GIS (page 72-73 of Smater London Insight Study), a single digital framework that keeps track of a multitude of data. Diverse mapping information and metadata is added to our GIS, including street layouts dating back to the Roman period, major historic properties, lost burial grounds, and importantly areas of past archaeological  and built heritage investigation, including details of the extent of previously excavated trenches. 

Today the MOLA GIS is a unique and constantly developing resource. It brings together information on the underlying geology and topography of London, pinpoints areas of archaeological potential and can therefore inform targeted archaeological programmes.

The free exhibition is open until the 18 December at NLA’s Store Street building.

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