SS Great Eastern launch slipway (upstream of Masthouse Pier) (c) Thames Discovery Programme

Burrells Wharf & SS Great Eastern

National Maritime Museum, Ground floor, Seminar Room, In Greenwich

Time: 10am-2pm
Price: £15 (£12 for members)

The SS Great Eastern was a leviathan of the Victorian era. The ship, designed by Brunel, took two months to launch.

In this strenuous walk with the Thames Discovery Programme the Old Royal Naval College and the Royal Dockyards at Deptford provide a stunning backdrop, placing the story in to its context.

Then carry on to National Maritime Museum where Curator Andrew Choong will give a talk looking at iron and steel shipbuilding in 19th-century London and how and why two of the most revolutionary ships of that period, SS Great Eastern and HMS Warrior, were built here within a couple of years of each other.

Join us and the National Maritime Museum as we look for other slipways, potential eel traps, and ship remains.

For more information on this evemt, part of the Festival of Archaeology, visit the National Maritime Museum website, and click the link to book.