National trust property, Knole, in Kent

Knole historic building recording

National Trust

As part of the National Trust’s flagship project to conserve and restore Knole, in Kent, MOLA’s geomaticians, specialist buildings archaeologists and photographers have undertaken an extensive programme work.

‘MOLA’s insight into reading the material evidence has been invaluable and enables us to make informed decisions about approaches to the repair of this important building.’
Emma Slocombe, Curator, National Trust

The timber framed structure of the east façade was recorded along with an extensive area of the roof and the structure below the floorboards in the interior showrooms. This led to the retrieval finds that had accumulated over the centuries.

A metric survey encompassed the interior showrooms and spaces. A network of control stations was created using total stations and tied into Ordnance Survey coordinates. This enabled accurate, 3D data capture of all architectural features including doors, windows, fireplaces, panelling and ceilings. Plans and wall elevations were then created in CAD, alongside a photographic record.

The work has increased understanding of the complex history of the building and the results will help the National Trust with their conservation and restoration works and in their interpretation and presentation of the building to the visiting public.

  • Historic building recording at Knole, Kent

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