Alex Bellisario

CITiZAN Archaeologist for Outreach (Portsmouth)

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Alex is the CITiZAN Archaeologist for Outreach in Portsmouth, based in the Nautical Archaeology Society offices. More recently she has worked within Hampshire's county archaeology department as an assistant archaeologist and subsequently the Historic Environment Record (HER) Manager. During her time in these roles she was involved within the planning system and responsible for the data quality, programme management and project management for the HER. She has supervised on volunteer projects in Cornwall, Devon and Hampshire, and as a geophysicist and commercial archaeologist on rural and urban sites in the south west of England.

Alex Bellisario has a BA and an MRes from the University of Winchester and has also undertaken a marine geotechnical short-course at Southampton University. She has particular research interests in geoarchaeology, palaeolandscapes and the impact of climate change on fluvial and coastal systems.

Alex Bellisaro CITiZAN

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