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CITiZAN appeal

Thousands of archaeological sites along England’s coast and tidal estuaries are being destroyed by extreme weather, rising sea levels and tidal scour. CITiZAN, the Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network, is the first national community-led project to tackle the alarming threat to our heritage.

Whether you can offer time or money, make a donation to CITiZAN appeal and help to develop this nationally-important project.

We are delighted to have received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, National Trust and The Crown Estate Marine Stewardship Fund and the project is underway. With over 70,000 sites at risk and 5,600 miles of coastline and another 500 miles of tidal estuaries, we would love to broaden the project so that more local communities can get involved in surveying their local heritage.

For more information about the project or to train as a CITiZAN please visit or to find out how you can back the project please contact

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    If you have a passion for the past there are a number of ways you can support community archaeology and archaeological research projects.
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    CITiZAN (Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network)

    CITiZAN is a nationwide community archaeology project that responds to the threat to archaeological sites on our coast and tidal estuaries from erosion.
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