Paternoster Square exhibiton featuring the Temple of Mithras (c) MOLA

Free Exhibition: The Lost City of London

03.10.2017 to 29.10.2017

Paternoster Square

Head to Paternoster Square to see a brand new outdoor exhibition of rarely seen excavation photos from sites unearthed during the Blitz. After the war, as work began to rebuild London, the Roman and Mediaeval London Excavation Council (RMLEC) was established to undertake the archaeological recordings.

The photographs in the exhibition feature sites such as the Temple of Mithras, the remains of the Roman Fort and City wall. It charts the story of the Temple of Mithras, from its discovery after the Blitz, to its 1960's reconstruction and it's highly anticipated return as the London Mithraeum, and includes photographs of our archaeological predecessors, including William F Grimes, Audrey Williams and Ivor Noël Hume.

We're delighted to be part of this exhibition is in partnership with Bloomberg, City of London Corporation, the Museum of London