Craig Stewart

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Craig joined MOLA in September 2014 as an archaeological consultant. He specialises in the research and preparation of historic environment assessments and Environmental Statements as part of the planning process. His work at MOLA includes the assessment of areas as diverse as rural Kent and the City of London, on projects ranging from transport infrastructure to residential and commercial development.

Prior to joining MOLA, Craig worked in the financial and government sectors in administrative roles, specialising in customer service and regulatory compliance. His work involved in-depth research and communicating with high level management, customers and third party clients such as claims and land management agencies. Craig received an MA in Landscape Archaeology from the University of Shefield, during which time he gained experience in map regression, the use of GIS, field survey and heritage management.

Craig Stewart MOLA

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Our Heritage Consultants advise clients, helping them to achieve planning consent and discharge heritage planning conditions. Specialising in preliminary risk appraisal, heritage assessments and environmental statements, the team are also experts in preparing and submitting heritage consents, Conservation Management Plans and other heritage studies.

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