Jonathan Hutchings

Consultant (Archaeology)

020 7410 3337

Jonathan is an archaeological consultant for MOLA. His role involves preparing desk-based assessments, detailed risk assessments, and Environmental Statements for Environmental Impact Assessments across London and the south of England. He has also undertaken pre-determination fieldwork ahead of planning consent.

Jonathan has been working in archaeology since 2007. Prior to working as a consultant he excavated and supervised numerous rural and urban sites across the south of Britain and the midlands, and undertook watching briefs and evaluations.

In his current role Jonathan has completed many complicated and high profile schemes, including advising on large scale infrastructure projects, including rail and cable schemes, and helping clients to achieve planning permission for urban developments.

Jonathan Hutchings MOLA

Meet the Heritage Consultants

Our Heritage Consultants advise clients, helping them to achieve planning consent and discharge heritage planning conditions. Specialising in preliminary risk appraisal, heritage assessments and environmental statements, the team are also experts in preparing and submitting heritage consents, Conservation Management Plans and other heritage studies.

Heritage consultant at work