Karen Stewart

Senior Archaeobotanist

020 7566 9335 kstewart@mola.org.uk

Karen has been a Senior Archaeobotanist with MOLA since 2009. Her work includes the assessment, analysis and reporting of archaeological plant remains from evaluations and excavations, and preparation of archaeobotany reports for publication. Much of this work is the recording of charred, waterlogged and mineralised seed and fruit remains. Karen also undertakes taxonomic identification of timber, wood artefacts and charcoal assemblages.

Karen earned her bachelor’s degree in archaeology and Greek and Roman civilisations at University College Dublin in 2004, followed by an MSc in Environmental Archaeology at the University of Sheffield.  She has worked in commercial archaeology since 2005 and has excavated and reported on sites from throughout the British Isles. At MOLA she has gained considerable experience working with waterlogged and mineralised plant material from deeply stratified urban sites.

Karen’s research interests include post-medieval archaeobotany, with particular reference to the colonial trade in plants,  and basketry.

Karen Stewart Senior Archaebotanist

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