CITIZAN wreck on the beach at Dymchurch, Kent (c) Julian Robus


Project partner: 
Heritage Lottery Fund, Crown Estate

Significant archaeological sites along our sinuous coast and on the foreshores of our tidal estuaries are continually eroded by winds, waves and tidal scour. Much of our island's history is simply being washed away.

Support CITiZAN and help to protect the heritage of our fragile coastline.

CITiZAN (Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network) is the first systematic national response to this threat. The CITiZAN project will deliver community-based training and create an infrastructure and network of volunteers with the skills and systems to be able to record, monitor and celebrate the highly significant, but fragile and threatened archaeological sites around England’s coast and on the foreshores of our tidal estuaries.

The main aims of the project are to develop a standardised survey, monitoring and web-based recording system; deliver a national training programme to participants through work at three regional centres, in London, York and Portsmouth; establish a national network to progress the ongoing monitoring, recording, and interpretation of coastal and intertidal sites, and actively engage CITiZAN volunteers through our interactive website and outreach programme.

CITiZAN has received initial funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, coupled with matched funding from The Crown Estate, which enables our community archaeologists to develop the project and submit a delivery grant application to support a major three and a half year community programme.

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