Roman and medieval revetments on the Thames waterfront: excavations at Riverbank House, City of London, 2006–9


Anthony Mackinder


A well-dated sequence of waterfront revetments at Riverbank House, just upstream of the medieval bridge, illustrates developments in the port of London from the 12th to the 15th centuries. Finds include tools, cloth seals and religious and secular badges. An exceptional item is a devotional openwork panel depicting scenes from the life and death of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, who was executed on 23 March 1322 by Edward II. Remains of plants used in dyeing support the documented importance of the local cloth-finishing industry. A 2nd-century AD revetment and observations of the late Roman riverside wall are also described.

MOLA Archaeology Studies Series 33

MOLA 2015. ISBN 978-1-907586-30-9. Ppb 137pp. 91 bl&wh and col ills.


"… the wonderful structures are illustrated by outstanding photographs and detailed drawings. The volume’s high standard moves the concept of ‘excavation report’ onto an altogether higher level."

Helen Clarke in Medieval Archaeology 2016