St Marylebone’s Paddington Street north burial ground: excavations at Paddington Street, London W1, 2012–13


Michael Henderson, Adrian Miles and Don Walker


During the 18th century the expansion of the wealthy London parish of St Marylebone led to the development of two additional graveyards to relieve pressure on the church and churchyard on Marylebone High Street. The latest of these, on the north side of Paddington Street, was in use between 1772 and 1853. Archaeologists recorded 386 burials from 124 single, stacked and brick-lined graves at the western edge of this ground. The archaeological findings and detailed osteological analysis of 291 individuals are combined with documentary research to provide a fascinating account of a burial ground used predominantly by the middle and upper classes.

MOLA Archaeology Studies Series 34

MOLA 2015 ISBN 978-1-907586-38-5 Ppb 135pp 124 bl/wh and col ills