‘He being dead yet speaketh’: excavations at three post-medieval burial grounds in Tower Hamlets, east London, 2004–10


Michael Henderson, Adrian Miles, Don Walker, with Brian Connell, Robin Wroe-Brown


The latest in a series on post-medieval burial produced by MOLA, this volume reports on three non-Church of England burial grounds in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, excavated between 2004 and 2010. It looks at over 1350 burials of Baptists, Roman Catholics and Nonconformists, the majority of whom died in 1820–54, and examines the archaeological and osteological evidence, along with the historical and documentary sources. The discussions aim to place the three populations within the wider context of 19th-century London and Britain, with the findings well illustrated and fully tabulated throughout.

Monograph Series 64

MOLA 2013. ISBN 978-1-907586-15-6. Hb 330pp+CD-ROM. 305 bl/wh and col ills.


"This impressive volume presents comprehensively analyzed data from excavations at three burial grounds, all located near each other in what is now east London, and all established during the period of 1763-1854. … I note the excellent graphics, photographs and tabular presentation of data (and in the CD) and very complete analyses of demographic characteristics of each skeletal population."
Nan A Rothschild (Columbia University) in London Topographical Society Newsletter 2014