Excavating at 8-10 Moorgate, City of London

8-10 Moorgate archaeological excavations


Moorgate is located in the heart of the City of London. The shallow Victorian basements of structures that previously occupied the development site, meant a sequence of deep waterlogged archaeology was relatively undisturbed. Preservation of remains dating from the Roman period through to the medieval period was high and the Local Planning Authority placed a condition on the site requiring it to be excavated in full ahead of development.

We worked closely with Stanhope to develop an excavation strategy that worked to their development programme and dealt with the planning conditions professionally.

The strategies we devised enabled us to successful discharge planning conditions and minimise impact on the development programme. We deployed a large team of archaeologists and extended working hours to minimise the length of time spent onsite overall. We preserved some of the deepest areas of archaeology, which would be untouched by the building’s foundations, in situ. The rich heritage of the site has significantly added to our understanding of Roman and medieval London and some of the capital’s best preserved artefacts were recovered.

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