Excavation at Bath House development, 60 Holborn Viaduct

Bath House development archaeological excavation

AXA Real Estate

Archaeological excavation was carried out by MOLA during the redevelopment of 60 Holborn Viaduct by AXA Real Estate.

'MOLA worked hand-in-hand with us on this site against the backdrop of an aggressive construction programme. By working together we were able to ensure that the development proceeded whilst these important archaeological excavations were carried out professionally and thoroughly.'
Harry Badham, UK Head of Development, AXA Real Estate

Ground-raising during the construction of the Holborn Viaduct in the 1870s resulted in areas of unexpectedly high archaeological preservation. MOLA responded by dedicating significant resources to the project, enabling the work to be completed within the programme agreed with the client. We helped to generate positive media coverage for the development and excavation following the discovery of the remains of The Three Tuns public house within the site.

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