Archaeology from the air at Blaise Park, Oxfordshire

MOLA team

Our accredited drone operators have been out at Blaise Park near Didcot, Oxfordshire, conducting an aerial survey for Redrow, who are constructing a 450 home residential development at the site. Click on the gallery below to explore some of the amazing images they've captured and created.

Our Basingstoke team worked with Redrow and Pheonix Consulting to develop a programme of archaeological investigation that best met the needs of the large rural site. Aerial survey was used in conjunction with archaeological excavation and photogrammetry. Revealing features that aren’t discernible from the ground, aerial survey helps us to interpret the archaeology of a large site quickly and easily

Our CAA PfAW accredited drone operators made an initial visit before work began stripping back the site, which produced a contour plan and 3D model to give us a better understanding of the topographical layout of the site prior, which in turn  helped us to interpret the results of the excavation. They returned weeks later to carry out a second survey when the archaeological features were exposed. Using photogrammetry they produced a geo-rectified photograph that is as accurate as a map and an elevation model of the site. This greatly speeded up the production of site plans and allowed us to verify the accuracy of the GPS ground-based survey.

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