Archaeology Ambassadors visit the site of the Curtain theatre (c) MOLA

Archaeology Ambassadors enjoy a site discovery tour at The Stage

MOLA team

Our Archaeology Ambassadors recently joined us for a site discovery tour at the ongoing excavation of Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre. Accompanied by our CEO Taryn Nixon, Director of Development and Fundraising, Suzie Haworth and resident Shakespeare expert, Julian Bowsher, the Ambassadors got a rare opportunity to experience one of Shakespeare’s least historically documented playhouses.

The site of Shakespeare’s Curtain theatre is currently being excavated by our archaeologists in Shoreditch for The Stage. Our Archaeology Ambassadors took some time out of their busy schedules to visit the excavation for a once in a lifetime site discovery tour. Led by experienced senior archaeologist, Heather Knight, the tour highlighted some of the site’s amazing discoveries including a 16th century bird-whistle, perhaps used for theatrical special effects, a later knucklebone floor and the surviving theatre gallery walls that reach up to 1.5m in some places.  Heather and Julian Bowsher spoke about the fascinating insight that the excavation has given us into the playhouses of 16th and 17th century London (including the fact that the Curtain is rectangular, not polygonal).

“A fascinating afternoon discovering how the layers of ground beneath our feet in London are revealing new stories of the past; In this case exposing a Shakespearean playhouse that first opened in 1577. MOLA does incredible work uncovering history”.

David Eck, CEO, Halcyon Travel Collections

Our archaeologists will be working hard digging the site for a few more weeks, hopefully uncovering even more exciting information about this little-known theatre. Once the excavation is complete the theatre’s remains will be preserved as part of The Stage. The development will provide over an acre of public space featuring a performance area and park .

We would like to thank our Archaeology Ambassadors for joining us on this extraordinary visit as well as for their continued support. If you are interested in being an Archaeology Ambassador, please contact our Director of Development and Fundraising, Suzie Haworth, at or 0207 410 2233.

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