Archaeology, placemaking and art in Japan and the UK: Part II

MOLA team

The objective of the Archaeology, Placemaking and Art project is to identify attitudes and approaches to art and archaeology collaborations in Japan and the UK. Earlier this year, MOLA visited Japan twice, first to meet with project partners (from OCCPA Osaka City Cultural Properties Association and independent Japanese artists) and second to present the results of the Project at the World Archaeological Congress 2016.

This November saw the second part of the project realised, our partners from Japan arrived in the UK to view examples of artistic interpretation of archaeology in London, mirroring the first part of the project which took place earlier this year. During their stay, we visited many interesting examples of Placemaking in London, including important archaeological sites which have influenced artistic representation and have been represented by art. Included in programme were visits to the Guildhall Museum and AmphitheatreSt Bartholomew’s Hospital, The Temple of Mithras Museum, Museum of London and the Olympic Park.  

Artist Daniel Silver also provided a tour of at his studio in Hackney. Daniel was responsible for creating an artistic representation of a Roman Boat, outside of the Guys Cancer Centre Hospital. The sculpture is representative of a Roman boat (AD 190-225). The boat was partially excavated and recorded by MOLA during archaeological n excavation in 2014. The boat was subsequently preserved in-sit five metres beneath the Cancer Centre building.

During the programme, we hosted a workshop to discuss key themes relating to Art and Archaeology and where the Japanese project partners presented their current research. Also speaking at the workshop were several British artists whose work is inspired by archaeological material.

This exciting project will culminate in the production of a jointly produced gazetteer between the UK and Japan teams, showcasing examples of best practice taking place in both countries and publication of an article in an archaeological journal.

Thanks to the Museum of LondonKanazawa University and the Kyoto Art and Archaeology Forum for their contributions to the project.

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