Snaith Priory St Laurence, historic building drone survey (c) MOLA

Drones take flight for National Churches Trust project

MOLA team

The National Churches Trust has received £90,100 from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the Yorkshire Maintenance Project, which aims to maintain the rich religious built heritage of Yorkshire.

MOLA, an accredited drone operator (CAA PfAW), is partnering on the project to undertake a series of drone surveys of churches. The project kick starts with the survey of nine churches in the Sheffield Dioceses, which will inform how drone technology could be employed in ongoing monitoring and quinquennial (five yearly) inspections.

There are 1,095 listed places of worship in Yorkshire; including 346 Grade I listed churches.  The Yorkshire Maintenance Project aims to promote awareness and increase maintenance of Yorkshire’s churches,  as well as improving our understanding of these important buildings.

Alongside drone surveys the project encompasses training workshops to help volunteers maintain church buildings and a new website to log urgent maintenance needs.

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