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From 1 November 2011, MOLA becomes an independent limited charitable company, with the staff and assets transferring from the Museum of London into new MOLA.

We will continue to be based at Mortimer Wheeler House and will continue to operate under the same name and branding, but with our own independent governance structure under a new Board of Trustees, chaired by businessman Michael Hoffman. MetroMOLA Ltd is also transferring to new MOLA as its commercial arm for historic environment services across the UK.

MOLA and the Museum of London will continue to work together under a mutually beneficial partnership arrangement, framed in a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations. The Museum of London is novating all current contracts carried out by MOLA as a former department of the Museum to new MOLA.

Strategically, independence gives MOLA a stronger remit: it streamlines operations, reduces duplication and cuts red tape. MOLA continues to strive to offer its clients the best possible solutions it can, on a wide range of historic environment services in London, across the UK and internationally.


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