An overview of a large section of the excavation site, with archaeologists engaged in various activities

Introducing…The Liberty of Southwark Community producers

Shantol Campbell

From September to December 2021, we are collaborating with a group of Southwark residents on a community-led heritage interpretation programme. These have been developed and led by MOLA in partnership with Southwark Works, Thames Reach and Transport for London.

We’ve been busy uncovering a wide variety of objects dating back to the Roman period during excavations at the site set to become the Liberty of Southwark Cultural Quarter near Borough High Street. The Community Producers are interpreting this information and learning new skills to create digital content that responds directly to the live archaeological site. In the process, they are uncovering stories and making artwork about the diverse range of people who lived and worked in this area of London over the past 2000 years.

Collage of Community Producers and MOLA logo with red background
The Community Producers. Clockwise: Giorgaki Potsi, Rudie Masukume, Michael Hume, Curtis Jago, Brunilda Isaku.

Meet the Producers

Rudie Masukume

I have been a Southwark resident all my life. Worked in Southwark, went to school in Southwark and gave birth here. It will always be home even if I move on. There are people from all walks of life in this area, as well as many hidden sites - there is so much to discover. I have not taken part in a project like this before. It allows me to show my creative side and collaborate with other creatives. It also means I can do something I am really passionate about, which is explaining history.

Michael Hume

I have been living in Southwark since February 2021. One thing I value most about the area is discovering something new every day. I have not been involved in a project like this before and it’s great to get creative in a new area of interest. I’m looking forward to working with new people on this project.

Curtis Jago

As a resident of 8 years, this was the first place I moved to in this country. It truly is a special place. The thing I value most in the area is the diversity. From struggling artists to insurance brokers, to everyone in between. All races, ages, and cultures - I love it. This is a first time I’ve been involved in a project like this, which offers so much creative freedom. It means exploration to me and a chance for creative growth.

Brunilda Isaku

My name is Brunilda, and I have been living in Southwark for more than 5 years. What I really like about Southwark is that it is a multi-cultural community which tries to support anyone who is in need. One of the things I value most is the view of the city, as well as the very good transport links. I haven’t taken part in a project like this before, but I really like the sound of it and believe it’s beneficial to explore what’s underneath us. This project means a lot to me because I am keen to learn new techniques and produce interesting work. Moreover, I want to give something back to the community in which I live.

Giorgaki Potsi

Southwark is a new relationship to me, and I am starting to enjoy it. Southwark is filled with historical buildings and modern architecture. I have never taken part in a project like this before. I can see after every MOLA-led producer session the project means more and more to me.

Why are these excavations taking place?

Excavations at the site are taking place ahead of the construction of The Liberty of Southwark, a new mixed-use development by Transport for London and specialist regeneration developer and investor U+I. Sitting between Southwark Street, Redcross Way and Union Street, The Liberty of Southwark will provide 36 new homes, including 50% affordable housing, along with 200,000 sq. ft of commercial space. The scheme will also create new pedestrian routes, reinstating some of the medieval yards and lanes of historic Southwark.

Find out more about the excavations on The Dig at the Liberty website.

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