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MOLA hosts Arts Emergency remote work experience placements

Magnus Copps

At MOLA we believe that getting a diverse range of perspectives on, and participants in, our work is vital to making it the best it can be and demonstrating the relevance of archaeology to the widest possible range of people. As part of that commitment, this August our Research and Engagement team hosted three young people as part of a week-long placement scheme operated by Arts Emergency, an award-winning mentoring charity and network that supports young people to overcome barriers to participation in higher education and careers in Arts and Culture.  

Salma, Sharon, and Taisa, (hosted respectively by Josh Frost, Senior Community Archaeologist, Dr Sadie Watson, UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, and myself, Magnus Copps, Head of Audience Engagement) are all interested in careers in the heritage sector and have brought some really interesting new perspectives on the work we do here at MOLA. I will let them tell you a bit more about how they got on:  

I was motivated to sign up to MOLA because they focus on engaging people with the importance of history and how it is visible in contemporary society. I conducted a survey to gather young peoples views on British colonialism and wrote an essay on my findings and also included my perspective. I enjoyed learning the neglected aspects of British history and different views on this. The research skills I developed will undoubtedly aid in my future prospects.  

I was motivated due to my interest in working in the cultural sector, and what goes on behind the scenes in such a field. During my work experience, I learnt about the different types of audiences that are considered when putting together an event. I also learned about what makes digital engagement used by cultural organisations effective. I have also learnt what it's like to work at home full time, and this is useful for a future where technology is always growing. 

We are really thrilled that our placements could join us, and want to express our thanks for all their great work. We look forward to keeping in touch with them as they progress on their chosen paths, and are in the process of hatching plans to do more of this kind of work. Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for more information about these opportunities soon.