Volunteers working on animal bone

Not for the bone idle

MOLA team

Jim Farbon is part of the archive volunteer team working on the Guildhall Yard archaeological material and they are knee deep! Jim explains what the team has been up to...

Some 190 boxes of pottery have so far been processed. The thrill of finding the odd pottery sherd, missed by the professionals, of Ming or Grayson Perry, is now old news and has since been eclipsed by the 900 plus boxes of animal bone.

Working with animal bone is not for the faint of heart…or those with a dust allergy. We have now prepared 230 boxes, careful sorting and packing the material and reducing the original box count by 12%, freeing up much needed shelf space in the London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre.

The animal bone has not thrown up as many hidden treasures, although, some feline bones, given the site’s location, could be Whittington’s celebrated cat ‘Tiddles’. Conjecture over a canine bone has stimulated lively debate; opinion has now led to the conclusion that it could be his lesser known dog.

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