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WANTED: ten Londoners for Archaeology Traineeship

MOLA team

We put out a call in July asking 'ever fancied yourself as Lara Croft or Indiana Jones or wondered what life was like in your pocket of London before you came along?' Working with Tower Hamlets Council, we have recruited ten Londoners to undertake a six month paid-traineeship to become a field archaeologist.

From September 2015, the trainees are completing an NVQ, practicing and honing the skill needed to succeed in field archaeology. Led by professional archaeologists who work on some of the most challenging archaeological projects in the country, trainees undertake a mixture of classroom-based and on-site learning.

Tower Hamlets Council has generously donated space in Allen Gardens, Shoreditch, for the recruits to perfect the skills of practical archaeological excavation and recording.

Heather Knight, MOLA Senior Archaeologist, said: “I’ve been lucky enough to lead some of the capital’s most important archaeological digs, including the excavation of not one but two Shakespearean playhouses. I don’t have an archaeology degree but my practical experience has more than equipped me for a rewarding career in archaeology.”

William McKee CBE, Chairman Tilfen Land “The development of our towns and cities demands a skilled and committed workforce. Connecting with our heritage is important to achieving both aims and to help meet the latter, the Archaeology Traineeship has been created to provide much needed opportunities for those who may not enter into higher education but are no less dedicated, able or ambitious than those that do.”

As well as the gaining the hands-on expertise to succeed as a field archaeologist, the trainees learn about the basics of archaeological object identification, environmental sampling, survey techniques and historical research. Construction site safety qualifications are also completed through the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

Our candidates are London-based and have committed to a full-time six-month Archaeology Traineeship. Most importantly, they all have a heartfelt interest in uncovering London’s history…and hopefully aren't afraid of a bit of mud!

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