MOLA Senior Archaeologist Heather Knight excavating The Theatre

Why I❤archaeology - Heather Knight

Heather Knight

To celebrate the launch of our new Archaeology Traineeship, which provides ten Londoners with an opportunity to train for a career in field archaeology, we’ve asked some of our archaeologists to tell us what they love about their jobs.

Senior Archaeologist Heather Knight, pictured, has been an archaeologist for 28 years. She has excavated lots of important sites, including the Shakespearean playhouses the Theatre and the Curtain, having learned her skills through on-the-job-training. Here she tells us what she loves about being an archaeologist.

The first time I found an artefact I knew that archaeology was for me. As well as the thrill of discovering a Late Bronze Age (750BC) amber bead, I loved that this tiny object could provide such incredibly detailed information about the lives of people in the past. Two recent projects on the sites of the Shakespearean playhouses in Shoreditch, the Theatre and the Curtain, have really demonstrated the power of archaeological stories. It never fails to amaze me how much these two iconic sites resonate with actors, Shakespeare lovers and theatre goers today. It makes my work so much more rewarding to know that we are able to inspire people’s passion for the past.

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