Chimney East of Roach Road: A standing building survey report

Publication date: 
Grey literature report
Inner London, Tower Hamlets
Museum of London Archaeology
Bower, K. and Pierazzo, P.

The Museum of London Archaeology Service and Pre-Construct Archaeology (MoLAS-PCA) were commissioned by the Olympic Delivery Authority to analyse and record a standing structure originally used as a chimney for industrial purposes on the eastern side of Roach Road, set within a factory site on the west side of the Lea Navigation just south of the Hertford Union Canal. The structure, built in 1893, comprised a red brick chimney and adjoining rectangular building, of which only the north wall still survives. The structure was to be demolished in order to redevelop the site and the archaeological investigation and subsequent report was required as a condition of planning consent for the redevelopment. The investigation took place in January 2008 and comprised a photographic survey of the structure and its setting. The site was developed at the end of the 19th century when the area was leased by the Gas Light and Coke Company which probably built its own premises here. Although the function of the site subsequently changed, and new buildings were added, the chimney and the building attached to it stood substantially unaltered until at least 1995. Currently the chimney lies within the MK Carlton Shoe Factory premises, east of Roach Road, on the Western bank of the Lea Navigation (Hackney Cut). To the immediate north there is a modern residential development, which utilises and retains the northern extent of the original property boundaries.