• Historic graffitti on brick wall

    Heritage Consultancy

    We offer the full range of heritage consultancy services, helping our clients to assess and manage their sites, from site acquisition and early negotiation to planning consent.
  • Archaeological fieldwork in the City of London

    Archaeological Fieldwork

    We have one of the most experienced and skilled archaeological fieldwork teams in the UK.
  • Archaeological conservation of Minories eagle

    Specialist Services

    We offer a comprehensive range of specialist services, from osteoarchaeology, forensic archaeology and environmental archaeology, to conservation, finds analysis and publication.
  • Commercial archaeology excavation in a basement


    We conduct hundreds of projects a year, across the UK and internationally, to help our clients to achieve planning and discharge planning conditions.


We assist with placemaking throughout the planning and development process, working with our clients to make better places, drawing on the heritage and archaeology of their sites.

Temple of Mithras reconstruction

The Curtain Theatre


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Business updates

  • School children exploring archaeology on the MOLA Time Truck (c)MOLA

    MOLA's Time Truck project wins The Sandford Award for Heritage Education

    MOLA team

    We are thrilled to announce that our Time Truck project has won The Sandford Award for Heritage Education 2018, an accolade normally only open to museums and historic houses. Since its inception in 2016/17 the Time Truck Schools Programme has delivered innovative archaeology workshops completely free of charge to just shy of 7000 8-11 year olds in 34 schools across 6 London boroughsHackney, Lambeth, Lewisham, Newham, Southwark, and Tower Hamlets.


  • Excavating Roman buildings in north Southwark (c) MOLA

    Archaeological excavations are revealing the rich history of Southwark

    MOLA team

    A team of our archaeologists – working on behalf of MB Bermondsey – recently began excavations in north Southwark, with evidence for Roman building and later industrial activity.