Time Truck

The Time Truck is a mobile event space that can be used as a classroom, laboratory, theatre, or exhibition venue, to deliver a wide range of community and stakeholder engagement activities.                                 

We are taking our Research and Community Programme to a new level with the Time Truck, significantly extending our social impact and education programme.

Operating within the community, the Time Truck engages a wide audience, including school children, local business and the elderly. It offers people the opportunity to get hands-on with archaeology, learn new skills and discover, care for and experience their local heritage.

'The Time Truck helps us to meet our sustainable business objectives and to take the heritage unlocked by our developments into the very heart of the communities we work in'

Martin Jepson, President & COO of Brookfield Property Partners, European Offices Division

The Time Truck brings archaeological material and research to the heart of the community. It’s a vehicle for developers to build good community relations and to host stakeholder and client events. It also offers support throughout the lifecycle of a development, from public consultation to meeting sustainable business objectives.

If you’re interested in finding out more please download our Time Truck booklet, or if you’d like to become a Supporting Partner with special access to the Time Truck please contact us at support@mola.org.uk.

  • local children place items into a time capsule


    We assist our clients with placemaking throughout the planning and development process, drawing on the heritage of their sites.
  • Supporting Partners

    Our Supporting Partners demonstrate their commitment to heritage through their support.