Crosse and Blackwell 1830–1921: a British food manufacturer in London’s West End


Nigel Jeffries with Lyn Blackmore and David Sorapure


Excavation and building survey, related to the redevelopment of parts of Tottenham Court Road Underground Station by Crossrail Ltd, chart the history of food manufacturer Crosse and Blackwell in the Victorian and Edwardian periods until the 1922 move to Branston, Staffordshire. Operating from their 1838 premises in Soho Square, the company converted properties to the east for warehousing and factory space, enabling production of its food sauces, pickles, vinegar, jams and marmalades on a vast, industrial, scale. With a royal appointment and the innovative use of celebrity chefs, Crosse and Blackwell were able to dominate the domestic market and compete globally.

Crossrail Archaeology Series - 6

MOLA 2016 ISBN 978-1-907586-37-8 Ppk 100pp 70 bl/wh and col ills

The Crossrail archive for Tottenham Court Road is available online.


'This little book packs a lot of information into 100 pages and, at only £10, is good value. Crosse and Blackwell’s tasty products came to be found in cupboards around the world and this publication should perk up the flavour of your archaeological book shelf.'  Peter Rowsome in London Archaeologist 2018

'Of note are the 13,000 ceramics and glass finds from a brick-lined cistern, all dumped when they were complete and unused. But is much more than that, it is a very well researched and beautifully illustrated account of the history of Crosse and Blackwell in its context as major food manufacturers in an increasingly global market.'  Nicola Powell in Finds Research Group Newsletter 2017