Disease in London, 1st–19th centuries: an illustrated guide to diagnosis


Don Walker


This book is designed to appeal to students and practitioners of osteology and paleopathology, medical historians and forensic archaeologists; it can be used as a reference guide in the field and the laboratory. Human health affects all aspects of everyday life and skeletal remains represent direct evidence of the experiences of people in the past. This volume describes human skeletal remains from archaeological excavations in London, ranging from the Roman period to the 19th century. It includes more than 400 photographic and radiographic images of disease and traumatic injury, providing a unique opportunity to explore the lives of past communities.

Monograph Series 56

MOLA 2012. ISBN 978-1-907586-10-1. Hb 287pp. 446 bl/wh & col ills


"Overall, Disease in London accomplishes its goal of providing wider access to the MOLA collection. It presents interesting specimens of the Roman, Medieval and Post-Medieval periods, all accompanied by superb illustrations. The photographs included can be used for teaching the appearance of different types of lesions, while the skeletal diagrams can help understand the typical distribution of lesions in pathology. Researchers can also use the data found in this book to compare to their own specimens in order to see how the lesions differ. Given that it is reasonably priced and considering its very helpful visual elements, Walker’s book will make a great addition to an osteology library."
Stephanie Lavallee in Journal Archaeological Science 2013

"The first impression made when opening this volume is that the photographs and radiographs illustrating the text, and in particular the lesions described therein, are stunningly clear. … With its detailed, yet concise, descriptions for both common and rare pathological conditions, and with over four hundred figures, this book will surely become an invaluable reference guide for bioarchaeologists and palaeopathologists."
Kimberly Plomp in Archaeological Journal 2013

"The book is a field-guide to past disease and injury and will prove an invaluable reference guide for osteologists far beyond London. … This book can certainly be described as 'lavishly illustrated' with nearly 450 figures including over 400 excellent colour photographs and radiographs of pathologies. At £28 the price is not high for such a well-illustrated monograph, and means that the volume is affordable as a 'site copy' for every reasonably-sized cemetery excavations."
Chiz Harward in Diggers Forum Newsletter 2013

"As a catalogue, this will be a useful resource for preliminary research on skeletal material: teachers and students could use it as a supplement to introductory textbooks on paleopathology because its images provide clear illustrations of how certain conditions are manifested on osteological remains."
Patricia Baker in Medieval Archaeology 2013