Ketton Quarry, Rutland, archaeological work

Ketton Quarry archaeological investigations

Hanson Cement
2000 - ongoing

MOLA’s Northampton based team was commissioned by Castle Cement (now Hanson Cement) in 2000 to provide archaeological input into their Environmental Statement, covering future extensions to Ketton Quarry.

The targeted approach taken allowed us to efficiently record the archaeology of the quarry while extraction continued onsite.

A programme of Desk-Based Assessment, geophysical survey, fieldwalking and targeted trial trenching defined the nature of the archaeology. Subsequent targeted archaeological excavation of threatened sites was carried out on an on-going basis, including an Anglo-Saxon settlement with an early timber church and stone-built houses of the lost medieval hamlet of Newbottle.

  • Desk-based assessment

    Desk-Based Assessments

    Our assessments determine the nature of archaeological remains and recommend solutions for their management.
  • Geophysical Survey

    We provide advanced ground-based sensing services that assess the potential for archaeological remains.
  • Archaeological evaluation at Oxford Radcliffe Infirmary

    Archaeological Evaluation

    Our initial archaeological field testing provides information on the nature of archaeological remains.
  • Urban archaeological excavation for a development project

    Archaeological Excavation

    We develop practical fieldwork strategies that ensure the best outcome in terms of safety, budget and programme.