LAMAS 56th Annual Conference of London Archaeologists

Weston Theatre, Museum of London, 150 London Wall, London EC2Y 5HN

Time: 11.00 - 17.30

Price: £15/ £17.50

Several MOLA archaeologists will be presenting their work at this year's one day LAMAS Archaeology conference, which is open to the public:

11.30: 12 Months in the Mud - A Year in the Life of the Thames Discovery Programme, Josh Frost (Thames Discovery Programme

Josh will be reflecting on what the Thames Discovery Programme got up to in 2018, which saw the TDP celebrate its tenth year with a successful anniversary conference. Josh will give insights from a busy season of fieldwork, visits to a number of different sites along the river, and will share updates from ongoing work supported by the City Bridge Trust and Tideway.

11.50: Mining the Archives - Revisiting America Square with MOLA’s Archaeology Academy, Jacqui Pearce (MOLA)

Jacqui will be reporting on the inaugural course held by MAAST (MOLA Academy for Archaeological Specialist Training), supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund and The Radcliffe Trust, which saw 15 participants from outside the archaeological community work with an exceptional late 18th-early 19th-century assemblage of finds recovered during excavations in America Square in 1987, learning from MOLA experts how to identify and record artefacts, and creating new knowledge in the process.

12.35: Archaeological work at Chambers Wharf - Part 2, Stella Bickelmann (MOLA Headland)

Stella's talk will provide an update on recent shaft excavations undertaken on behalf of Tideway at Chamber’s Wharf in Bermondsey, where significant archaeological remains including the medieval Bermondsey wall and associated remains, as well as a sequence of post-medieval waterfront structures attesting to the sites maritime past, have been uncovered.

15.00: A changing Tyburn - From deep river valley to sewers, and from mud to online story maps, Virgil Yendell (MOLA)

Virgil's talk which will explore questions like: 'What do we know about the last  11,500 years of the River Tyburn, one of London’s lost rivers?', 'What can boreholes add to archaeology?', and 'What does the future hold for telling heritage stories through online maps?'. Come and find out about MOLA Geoarchaeology and our work in Westminster and the Tyburn valley.

Tickets can be purchased from the LAMAS website.