Florence Smith Nicholls

Planning Archaeologist

fsmithnicholls@mola.org.uk LinkedIn profile

As a Planning Archaeologist, Florence is responsible for preparing desk-based assessments for development projects across London and the south of England. Florence has been a member of the Planning Services team at MOLA since May 2017, and has been working in archaeology since 2014. With extensive professional field experience on research and commercial projects in the UK, as well as in Greece (University of Cambridge) they have worked on a wide variety of sites undertaking Historic Environment Assessments (HEAs), Written Schemes of Investigation (WSIs), watching briefs, evaluations, excavation and post-excavation work. Prior to joining the Planning Team, Florence worked as a Field Archaeologist with Compass Archaeology in London.

Florence has also gained diverse work experience within the heritage sector through several internships and volunteering roles. This includes the Knossos Curatorial Project Internship in 2015 in which they were responsible for digitising collections at the Knossos Stratigraphical Museum in Crete.  They have also presented independent research on archaeogaming (broadly defined as the intersection of archaeology and video games) at national and international academic conferences, including the European Association of Archaeologists Conference and the Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Annual Conference.

MOLA Planning Archaeologist Florence Smith Nicholls

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