Alison Telfer

Project Officer (London)

020 7410 2276

Al is one of MOLA’s most experienced archaeologists and works as a Project Officer. Since the 1980s, she has been involved in all aspects of archaeological mitigation in both fieldwork and desk-based capacities. Al has extensive experience supervising large scale excavations in the City of London, City of Westminster and Greater London, seeing several notable projects through to publication, such as the site of St Martin-in-the-Fields Church (forthcoming) and the first Temple Church.

Al has worked elsewhere in England, as well as in Scotland, France, India and northern Italy and more recently as supervisor on training excavations for MOLA in Romania and Rome. She has also worked on community excavations in London with school children and local residents, as well as undertaking several standing building projects.

Al Telfer MOLA

Meet the Site Managers

The Site Managers at MOLA have extensive experience of excavation on construction sites and direct our onsite archaeological investigations. They work closely with our clients and other onsite contractors to ensure our archaeological work fits into the overall work programme and, where necessary, problem-solve as issues arise. 

MOLA archaeologist supervising excavation