Chris Kolonko

Reporting & Publication Supervisor

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Chris is currently a Reporting and Publication Supervisor for MOLA Northampton. Prior to this he worked as CITiZAN Discover Programme Officer (Humber) and CITiZAN Community Archaeologist from 2019

Chris holds a BSc in Archaeology from the University of Bradford and has a background in community archaeology and engagement. His first experience of community focussed archaeology came from working as a volunteer on several community projects in the South Yorkshire region. This volunteer work led to Chris securing a Council for British Archaeology Community Archaeology Training Placement in 2012.

Chris also specialises in the archaeology of First and Second World War era Home Front defences, in particular defences of the Second World War era Coastal Crust. His current research interests include the development of GIS based interpretation methods to help add further meaning to lost and surviving wartime defences in the UK.

Recently, as Project Archaeologist for Home Front Legacy 1914-18, Chris was responsible for training volunteers to re-discover, investigate and record the UK’s surviving, but often forgotten, First World War era Home Front sites. This Council for British Archaeology co-ordinated and Historic England funded project came to a successful conclusion in 2018.

Chris Kolonko, CITiZAN Community Archaeologist, North (c) MOLA

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The Community Archaeologists at MOLA lead community engagement projects and support our clients’ community engagement initiatives. The award-winning team manages the long-running Thames Discovery Programme and CITiZAN (Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network), facilitate community digs and host events, including walks, talks, hands-on workshop and conferences.

Object handling session with a local community group