Damian Goodburn

Senior Finds Specialist (Woodwork)

020 7410 2258 dgoodburn@mola.org.uk

Damian is one of MOLA’s Senior Finds Specialists, specialising in woodwork. He is an acknowledged international expert in ancient timber recording, analysis and publication with a PhD in Medieval shipbuilding. His work involves supervising the recording of timber onsite and he conducts research into all aspects of early woodworking and woodland history; particularly early carpentry and boat building. Notable ongoing and recent projects include Three Quays House, 8-10 Moorgate, Bloomberg London, and Deptford Royal Dockyard.

Damian has produced over 61 publications, plus additional small papers and has made replicas of ancient timber structures for the Tower Hill Pageant, Museum of London, the Archaeological Resource Centre in York and elsewhere. He teaches at various universities including Southampton University Archaeology Department, and has contributed to many archaeological TV programmes.

Damian Goodburn Senior Finds Specialist (Woodwork)

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Our team of Specialists comprises internationally acclaimed experts in a range of topics, from osteoarchaeology, environmental archaeology and archaeological conservation to period- and type-specific finds specialisms. They not only ensure all the material we excavate is expertly analysed and published, they also undertake pioneering research.

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