Dr Owen Humphreys

Senior Registered Finds Specialist

020 7566 9322 ohumphreys@mola.org.uk Academia.edu profile

As a senior registered finds specialist for MOLA, Owen is responsible for identifying and writing up accessioned artefacts (small finds) from MOLA and MOLA Headland Infrastructure excavations. Owen’s work covers all materials and time periods, but he has a particular specialism in Roman ironwork and leatherwork. Whilst Owen is new to the team, he has experience of working on MOLA sites including Bloomberg, Sugar Quay/Three Quays, HS2 and A14.

Owen has an MA in Medieval Archaeology and a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Reading. His PhD looked at the Roman tools from London, in collaboration with the Museum of London, and will be published soon. Owen has also spoken at national and international conferences on topics including the lives of craft workers, burial goods, ritual deposition and archaeological deposit formation, and cooperation and collaboration in archaeological research.

Prior to academia, Owen worked as a commercial field archaeologist in London and elsewhere for three years, most notably spending time on the Bloomberg and Convoy’s Wharf sites for MOLA. He has also since undertaken Post-Doc projects looking at the Roman leather from London, and on local archaeology in East Berkshire.


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