Fiona Seeley

Head of Finds and Conservation

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Fiona Seeley manages a large team of Specialists concerned with the study of material culture and conservation. One of her key roles is to ensure the provision of specialist analysis and opinion on artefacts for project teams. She has recently been involved in the successful application to the CIfA for a Registered Finds Bursary, which addresses issues of loss of skills within the industry.

As the line manager of twelve Specialists of diverse skills, she is responsible for programming all their work, which involves daily communication with the Post-Excavation team and other managers.

Fiona has been working as a Roman Pottery Specialist in London since 1995 and has an extensive publication record. This work has included spot-dating Roman pottery, and writing assessments and publication reports for developer-funded and English Heritage projects. She has studied assemblages from a wide range of sites in the City and Southwark including the Cripplegate Fort, the Moorgate kilns and the Great Dover Street cemetery.

She was involved for two seasons in a research and teaching project with Birkbeck College, UCL, at the kiln and temple site of Liber Pater in Alba Iulia, Rumania. As a Senior Roman Pottery Specialist, she designed and implemented a training programme for a new Roman Pottery Specialist in 2006.

Fiona holds the IOSH Supervising Safely Certificate.

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