Grant Bettinson

CITiZAN Discovery Programme Officer, South Devon Rivers

07718 570381

As CITiZAN Discovery Programme Officer for South Devon Rivers, Grant is the Lead Archaeologist for this project. 

Grant has worked nationally and internationally as a maritime archaeologist for just shy of 10 years. His work has included surveying and excavating a variety of shipwreck and settlement sites for the British museum, Mizen archaeology, The Maritime archaeology Trust, Bournemouth University and Museum of London Archaeology.

Grant has focused his career on the more practical aspects of archaeology, developing a strong knowledge of terrestrial, maritime and intertidal archaeological techniques as well as substantial experience in 3D recording techniques. In the last 2 years he has focused his career in community archaeology directing site investigations across the intertidal zones of the UK as part of the Forgotten Wrecks of the First world war project whilst simultaneously working towards developing new ways of disseminating information and engaging the public. 

Meet the Community Archaeologists

The Community Archaeologists at MOLA lead community engagement projects and support our clients’ community engagement initiatives. The award-winning team manages the long-running Thames Discovery Programme and CITiZAN (Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network), facilitate community digs and host events, including walks, talks, hands-on workshop and conferences.

Object handling session with a local community group