Hana Morel

CITiZAN Sustainability Manager

Hana is the Sustainability Manager for MOLA’s Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network, CITiZAN. Previously, she worked as Senior Policy Advisor (Climate Change) at Historic England (2020-21), and postdoctoral Research Associate for the AHRC Heritage Priority Area (2017-2020). She developed the one-year follow on funding project, Opening New Pathways to Impact across Heritage Research, Policy and Practice, which built on her work in the AHRC Heritage Priority Area to transform and increase understanding of policies’ impact on the heritage sector. Hana was awarded her PhD from University College London in 2015 where she explored the development of planning policy and archaeology in global cities and its impact on archaeology and heritage practice. Previous roles include work as researcher of international and domestic policy for Bournemouth University’s Pro-Vice Chancellor (Global Engagement); archaeologist, researcher and lead for community engagement at Izmit’s Nicomedia Project, Turkey; project manager of the NYC Heritage Project supported by the Landmark Preservation Commission, New York; and editor-in-chief of the journal Papers from the Institute of Archaeology.

Hana’s areas of interest include urban archaeology, planning, and exploring the role of heritage critically alongside international agendas and its contribution towards addressing global challenges (with particular focus on climate action). She is also working with ICOMOS in their IPCC work, and sits on various heritage and archaeology groups such as APPAG, TAF, and RESCUE among others.

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