James Andrews

Head of Operations

020 7410 2232 jandrews@mola.org.uk

James Andrews was appointed as Head of Operations in 2019 and oversees MOLA’s ISO quality policy, procedures and compliance, the management of KPI’s and metrics, and business continuity plans. He also works on Group-wide initiatives with the CEO, COO and Divisional Directors.

James gained his BSc in Archaeological Science and MSc Archaeological Research from the University of York, and has significant field experience in Scotland’s Northern Isles, Yorkshire, Bath and London.

Having worked for eight years as MOLA’s Head of Field Delivery and two as MHI’s Scheduling and Implementation Manager, James has extensive experience of delivering effective change management, and of managing large-scale inter and intra company project scheduling, recruitment and resourcing to meet the demands of multiple complex projects, including Infrastructure schemes such as HS2, A14 and Tideway.

James Andrews MOLA

Meet the Site Managers

The Site Managers at MOLA have extensive experience of excavation on construction sites and direct our onsite archaeological investigations. They work closely with our clients and other onsite contractors to ensure our archaeological work fits into the overall work programme and, where necessary, problem-solve as issues arise. 

MOLA archaeologist supervising excavation