James Andrews

Head of Field Delivery

020 7410 2232 jandrews@mola.org.uk

As Head of Field Delivery, James is responsible for ensuring that field staff from the Archaeological Fieldwork team have the skills and resources they need to deliver projects within budget and to the highest possible standard. Our Field Team primarily work onsite and consists of over 100 staff comprising Archaeologists, Senior Archaeologists and Project Officers, as well as a multi-disciplinary processing and logistics team.

James is currently developing and managing a programme of continuous improvement by identifying, and implementing changes to current operational procedures, including site-based field methodologies, processing practices and approaches to post-excavation assessments and analysis. He also oversees the Continued Professional Development (CPD) for the Field Team through mentoring and training, and acts as the liaison between site staff and specialists.

Before taking on the role of Field Services Operations Manager in 2013, James worked as a Project Officer and managed and programmed the processing of material from 300 sites and oversaw the life cycle (excavation to archive) of material recovered from more than 700 archaeological excavations. In addition, he has worked as an Environmental Archaeologist and Geoarchaeologist and has considerable experience designing innovative and cost-effective environmental, geoarchaeological and finds sampling strategies and assessments. Prior to joining MOLA James worked for commercial, academic and national heritage institutions across the UK. James is an IOSH certificate holder.

James Andrews MOLA

Meet the Site Managers

The Site Managers at MOLA have extensive experience of excavation on construction sites and direct our onsite archaeological investigations. They work closely with our clients and other onsite contractors to ensure our archaeological work fits into the overall work programme and, where necessary, problem-solve as issues arise. 

MOLA archaeologist supervising excavation