Lucie Altenburg

Archaeological conservator

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As an archaeological conservator, Lucie is responsible for the conservation of artefacts from a range of materials, and participates in the costing for conservation work for archaeological and non-archaeological projects. She also provides conservation advice and support on-site, such as in-situ lifting of fragile objects, which need specialist techniques to be moved safely off-site.

Before joining MOLA in 2018, Lucie worked in the Collection Care department at the Museum of London. She delivered collection cleaning training to non-conservation museum staff of regional institutions to raise awareness of conservation needs in collections.

She has experience communicating all aspects of conservation internally and at conferences, delivering training in object first aid and materials identification.

She has been involved in prestigious and complex urban sites, acting as conservation liaison with the project team and specialists, and by processing large quantities of material in time in within budget.

Lucie has a degree in conservation for archaeology and museums from UCL, and is a member of ICON and ICOM conservation bodies.

MOLA Archaeological conservator Lucie Altenburg

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