Mary Ellen Crothers

Project Officer (Northampton)

01604 809803

Mary Ellen joined MOLA as a Heritage Assessments Project Officer in 2014. She returned to commercial archaeology after seven years working in the heritage industry as an Experimental Archaeologist at West Stow, researching and specialising in early Anglo-Saxon reconstructive archaeology. She worked with schools, the Young Archaeologist Club, historical societies and academic groups through activities, talks and demonstrations. She has also given papers at The Experimental Archaeology Conference and is published in Experiencing Archaeology by Experiment.

Mary Ellen gained a BA in Archaeology from the University of Wales, Lampeter in 1998 and an MA in Public Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology, University of London in 2000. She spent several years as a field archaeologist around the UK but predominantly in London, working on complex urban excavations such as Tabard Square, Whitefriars and the CTRL rail terminus at Kings’ Cross St Pancras.

Mary Ellen Crothers (c)MOLA

Meet the Site Managers

The Site Managers at MOLA have extensive experience of excavation on construction sites and direct our onsite archaeological investigations. They work closely with our clients and other onsite contractors to ensure our archaeological work fits into the overall work programme and, where necessary, problem-solve as issues arise. 

MOLA archaeologist supervising excavation