Michael Henderson

Senior Human Osteologist

020 7566 9332 mhenderson@mola.org.uk

Michael is a Senior Human Osteologist. This involves the identification, analysis, interpretation of skeletal assemblages, and the production of specialist reports on inhumation and cremation burials; both in house and for external clients. Michael also provides specialist advice and training.

He has undertaken osteology work for a variety of multi-period assemblages from around the UK, including Roman, Saxon, medieval and post-medieval burials in London, a medieval assemblage from Kent and a Bronze Age inhumation/ cremation Barrow Cemetery from Hampshire.  He recently completed specialist text for a monograph on two large contemporary 19th century burial grounds from East London and has been responsible for the assessment of one of the largest post-medieval skeletal assemblages excavated in Britain.

Michael was a key team member for the ‘Digitised Diseases’ laser scanning project with the University of Bradford and Royal College of Surgeons funded by JISC  and has worked in collaboration with City University, Radiography Department. In addition he has presented at conferences and edits the osteology team’s blog. His outreach work has involved the supervision of volunteers and researchers, teaching at schools and workshops and filming and advisory roles for television documentaries. He has also completed human bone reports for the Metropolitan Police.

Michael Henderson MOLA

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