Peter Rauxloh

Chief Digital Officer

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As Chief Digital Officer at MOLA, Peter is responsible for identifying the digital opportunities within the work that MOLA does, and could do, and providing the strategic direction and drive to ensure that beneficial opportunities are exploited. Peter is a leading exponent of database management and GIS in archaeology, and has been focused on the application of beneficial digital technologies to archaeology for more than 25 years.

His work involves the identification, investigation and development and implementation of platforms for data management and GIS analysis. This is directed in support of field work, inter- and intra-site spatial analysis, graphical production and dissemination, and is part of both normal site investigations, bespoke project work, plus engagement and outreach initiatives.  

Peter’s role also includes the management of MOLA IT estate which includes over 350 persons spread across six sites. This includes support for MOLA’s core business systems for project data, document management and unified communications.

His current research interests include the expansion of MOLA aerial services using drones, and the management and growth of cloud based archaeological database system in support of large joint venture projects and the distributed teams that work on them. The innovative application of such systems to the interpretation, explanation and characterization of heritage assets from archaeological features to sites, historic buildings, and landscapes, remain central to his role. 

Peter has worked in a consultancy role for MOLA with partners in the archaeological, environmental and cultural sectors, on projects in the Basque country, Kazakhstan, Portugal, France, Romania, Kosovo and the UK. He also has expertise in web content management, usability and site planning, and has managed survey teams for MOLA and others within London, Romania, Italy, Northern England and Malta.

Peter Rauxloh MOLA

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