Rupert Featherby

Consultant (Archaeology)

020 7410 2216

Rupert is one of MOLA’s consultants; his role includes completing pre-planning archaeological assessments and undertaking heritage projects. Rupert works closely with other MOLA teams, as well as external consultants, academics, and professionals to co-ordinate specialist input into wide-ranging schemes. He has worked as an archaeological consultant since 2007, completing a number of complicated and high profile projects.

Prior to this role Rupert worked as a Roman Pottery Specialist for a number of years whereby he made numerous contributions to publications, and carried out historical research for several projects. In association with Queen Mary University Rupert helped plan, win funding for and direct a collaborative research project into Victorian London. More recently Rupert has completed a county-wide assessment of archaeological resources in aggregate areas in West Berkshire for English Heritage.

He is currently working on a joint project with the GLHER to enhance their event records with site and trench outlines in an area encompassed by the ‘projected’ English Civil War fortifications around London.

Rupert Featherby MOLA

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Our Heritage Consultants advise clients, helping them to achieve planning consent and discharge heritage planning conditions. Specialising in preliminary risk appraisal, heritage assessments and environmental statements, the team are also experts in preparing and submitting heritage consents, Conservation Management Plans and other heritage studies.

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