Sadie Watson

Project Officer

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Sadie is one of MOLA’s most experienced archaeologists and has been working as a Project Officer since 2008, responsible for major sites with large field teams. She has extensive experience excavating and supervising complex urban sites and was recently responsible for leading excavations at Bloomberg London.

Sadie also produces tenders and works on project design, regularly liaising directly with clients, their representatives and the statutory authorities. She has directed projects across the UK and abroad, conducted desk-based assessments and field evaluations, carried out standing building recording, and compiled evaluation reports and post-excavation assessments.

A regular on the academic conference circuit, Sadie regularly presents papers and speaks at public events and has experience of teaching archaeological skills and techniques to a wide range of audiences. She is an elected member of Council for the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) and Secretary for the CIfA Special Interest Group for field workers. Sadie has an extensive publication portfolio, including monographs, smaller volumes and journal articles.

Sadie Watson MOLA

Meet the Site Managers

The Site Managers at MOLA have extensive experience of excavation on construction sites and direct our onsite archaeological investigations. They work closely with our clients and other onsite contractors to ensure our archaeological work fits into the overall work programme and, where necessary, problem-solve as issues arise. 

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